Insomniak973, was born Rodney Alexandre in Newark, NJ with very humble beginnings to Haitian immigrant parents. He fell in love with rap at 8 years old and would begin recording music as a child and released cds that he would sell to family and classmates.  By 15, he had completely lost interest in school and began chasing fast money. Even Though he was a decent student, he would eventually drop out after only finishing up to 8th grade.  Around the same time his life would hit a new low and resulted in him being homeless for 6 months. Insomniak973 would pull himself out of that state of life and would eventually get his G.E.D. when his best friend tragically died to gun violence. Insomniak973 would work many different jobs and continue with his side hustles all while saving his money until he had enough to open his own business. After traveling to the Dominican Republic for vacations he decided to move there permanently to open a pizzeria. He lived in Sosua, Dominican Republic for 6 months building the pizzeria. Insomniak973 would then return back to New Jersey to pursue music full time and share his experiences and adventures through his art.  Follow Insomniak973 on all social platforms and music streaming services.

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